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We are a boutique, family-owned screen printing business run by D.J. and Jenni Billings. We are both artists and entrepreneurs with over 20 years’ experience in graphic design and illustration. We have created images (moving and not) for MTV/Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, Wired, PBS shows, and even commercial signage.
We’ve spent the last several years spinning out custom-decorated t-shirts and tote bags for people around the world. Known for our knowledge of inks, fabrics and environmentally-sound processes, our advice is often sought after on apparel startups. Our live screen printing is a big draw at film, beer and vegan food festivals all over Southern California. Our work with small businesses and events goes beyond just printing the tees. When we’re both in alignment with our values, we go all in and help with marketing your brand and message.

Our world is populated by 3 kids, a dog, a cat and a ’66 VW Beetle named Helga who may have achieved consciousness. D.J. is a Desert Storm veteran. We’ve made our home in six U.S. cities (3 of them twice) and Europe, not necessarily in that order. We’re not on the lam, just adventurous. But don’t worry. We promise to stick around Los Angeles for a while so you can get your shirts done.

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What we’re about

We are vegan. We work to protect, and preserve the land and water. We are part of the LGBT community. We fight for the rights of human beings wherever we can, regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, nationality, or gender.

We hope you’re on board! Let’s make something awesome together.


We offer a 10% discount to all veterans (and active duty) of the U.S. military. That includes all LGBT veterans and active duty, no matter what the current administration says.

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