What’s a Sparky Firepants?

Hi. We’re David and Jenni, we run a small print shop in Southern California. We’re big DIYers and crafters. We love the process of putting ink on shirts with our manual screen printing presses. After 20 years in digital graphic design, animation and illustration, it’s rewarding to put our skills to work on something you can hold, wear and love.

We’re a local boutique print shop specializing in custom apparel. Rather than pump out 10,000 cheap t-shirts on an assembly line, we focus on consulting with you to create the right shirts or hats for your company’s brand. We’re not just print monkeys, we’re artists and marketing geeks ourselves. We think beyond the ink.

We’re passionate about protecting the environment. We’re red-blooded Americans who are also vegan. We believe in keeping jobs in our local area as much as possible, which means we try to source locally-made products. We’re not perfect, but we stay mindful in all the ways we work.

The chemicals, methods and materials we use in screen printing are vegan, biodegradable and do not hurt our water supply. If you’d like to hear more about how we do that, we’d be happy to explain and show you the products we use. Drop us a line!

And if you support the same things we do, we’d love to hear from you! You can talk to us on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram!

We’re kind of weird and famously goofy, but we’re completely harmless and smell great.

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David got his start in gallery framing and commercial signs. He has created art for TV animation, magazines, books, and products of all kinds. David is a daddy, vegan eater, home brewer, and the founder of Sparky Firepants.

Jenni started creating graphic design the old school way, with Exact-O knives and giant books of clip art. Jenni is a mommy, vegan chef, pro knitter, and our official customer friend-maker.