A challenging print run… and Sparky sticks the landing!

When Kristy Beauvais, the “Flounder” of FocusFish had a holiday show coming up, she needed some branded leotards for her camp students. With a hard deadline, she didn’t know how to make it happen with all the other things she handles running her acrobatic camps. Thankfully, a mutual friend sent her to us and we helped her sort it out.

We knew it would be a bit of a challenge. Kristy didn’t know anything about screen printing on spandex. We didn’t know anything about wearing leotards for acrobatics. Jazzercise, sure, but… oops. That’s too much information. Anyway, there was a lot of missing info about what was needed.

So we talked… a lot. We learned how her student performers use ropes and the trapeze and where they tend to get abrasions (ok… ow). Getting the right material and style at the right price takes a lot of research. There’s also a high level of difficulty when printing on spandex or other stretchy materials. So after mucho education on all our parts, we made some meaningful suggestions to Kristy that narrowed down the field.

Typically, we order apparel for our clients because we have access to thousands of styles and brands at wholesale prices. In this case, with the info we gave her, Kristy was able to find her own local source for her leotards at a price she could afford. So we worked out a rate for her that included printing on the blank stock she brought to us.

This is a perfect case study for why we don’t just list “generic” rates on our web site. The more we can learn about our client’s business and how they plan to use the apparel we print, the better price and result we can give them. With Kristy’s guidance, we stuck the landing. Boo-ya.

FocusFish had a successful holiday show and her performers looked awesome. I’ll share some photos from FocusFish, but please go check out her programs, especially if you’re in Southern California. Not only did we feel good about making her students look great, we love supporting worthwhile programs like this. Thanks, Kristy!

FocusFish 01 focusfish 01

All photos are ©2014 by Donna Fedorowycz

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