Printing live with the coolest students ever!

Printing live with the coolest students ever!

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Sparky & Jenni with the Hawthorne Middle School Eco Club, the coolest kids like, ever.

Print t-shirts live and in person while showing grade school students how to conserve our resources? Sign us up!

A few months ago we got a call from Toni Min, science and math teacher at Hawthorne Middle School. She had been to our booth at a festival and saw our on-the-spot t-shirt printing. Toni told me about her after-school Eco Club, which is completely awesome. They actively learn about ecology and the environment by working on projects such as growing their own garden and talking about the benefits of recycling.

One of the more interesting things we do at our live screen printing events is put our crazy art on people’s existing garments. We’ve printed on some really odd stuff before (wool sweater), and even had a few brave souls strip so we could print on what they were wearing at the moment (which is why we carry a robe). Toni loved this idea (minus the stripping) and wanted to know if we would be willing to print on her students’ shirts specifically for the Eco Club – thereby demonstrating how we can reuse old things rather than always acquiring new stuff.

Jenni and I are totally on board with that. We do a few pro bono events a year for causes we align with, so it wasn’t hard to get us to say yes to this one. We love working with kids, we work hard to protect the environment, we already had the ink…

Sometimes our live printing events can get chaotic and crazy. At high-profile events, it can be a nonstop situation, printing and interacting for hours straight. Apparently people love watching what we do up close and personal! So we weren’t sure what to expect with the HMS students.

Let me tell you, these kids were the coolest cats around. Smart as whips, uber-curious, funny, and just crazy fun to be around. It was a total blast. Thanks, guys! You rock.

Sparky explaining how it all works.
Sparky explaining how it all works.
Ms. Min checks the temp on a drying t-shirt
Ms. Min checks the temp on a drying t-shirt
New shirts! Old shirts, but... new.
New shirts! Old shirts, but… new.
We even printed on dark teees.
We even printed on dark tees.























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