El Cochinito tees

El Cochinito tees

El-Cochinito t-shirtsClient: Daniel Navarro, El Cochinito

Printed by: D.J.

Music to Print by: Beastie Boys, License to Ill; The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper; 80s playlist on Spotify

Snacks Consumed: Starburst and natural orange soda

These 3-color tees were fun to print. There’s a challenge to separating colors in any logo, but this one had lots of great detail. It was originally created as a tattoo, and Daniel wanted to make sure that the detail showed up on the shirts. I really pushed my Photoshop and Illustrator muscles (feel the burn!) to get it just right. There’s also something super satisfying about laying down 3-color prints. I’m kind of a geek about that.

El Cochinito serves up authentic Cuban food right here in Los Angeles. In business since 1988, it’s a family-owned (third generation) restaurant that originated in Cuba. There’s even something on the menu for our vegans/vegetarian friends. It’s in a great area of Sunset Blvd. near a row of antique, gift and coffee shops, not to mention the photo-worthy Micheltorena Stairs. Go check ’em out!


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