Screen Printing Live! Without a Net!

This past weekend, we were asked to do some live screen printing at the Topanga Film Festival for the guests. They could buy a “thrift” store t-shirt on a rack, buy one of our blank t-shirts, or whip off their own shirt (or jacket) and we would print the TFF coyote logo on it while they watched.

Yes, we were really hoping to see people strip in front of our press. Alas, only jackets and hoodies came off, even with the open bar happening. It did stimulate some pretty amazing conversations and we soon had a crowd formed around us.

The printing was very loose. Sometimes we printed over stains on people’s shirts, or on the lower back of a hoodie. Lots of experimentation was happening and the guests were really into the art side of it. Check out the short video below:

Next weekend we’ll be printing live at the Concerts on the Green in Woodland Hills. We’ll be at Warner Center Park from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM – bring a shirt, bring a friend, we’ll bring the ink!

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