Shani Rose tour tees

Smart people ask questions! Shani Rose tour tees

Client: Shani RoseSinger/Songwriter

Printed by: D.J.

Like many of our clients, Shani came to us with tons of questions. It’s what we live for.

When someone asks a lot of questions about t-shirts before they order, research shows they’re 123% happier with their shirts than those who asked no questions, or asked questions about organic peanut butter (which we’ll still answer, regardless).

People are happier when they’re more knowledgeable. Asking questions is smart.

Shani needed tees for her upcoming The Road Less Traveled tour. She wanted the tees to be super soft and comfortable, so we gave her our best suggestions. Like a smart person, she also arranged to try on some samples to check the fit. Yes, we met at the mall food court. No, we did not share a Chipotle veggie bowl.

I also love the design for her shirts. I’m a huge fan of minimalist design and these were really beautiful in their simplicity. It was created by Ian Hyde, whose work is stellar. I also love the mix of colors Shani chose for the tees. Thanks, Shani, it was fun!

Go check out her music!

Shani Rose and her Producer, Bill Lefler


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