With an eye for all things retro and funky, Sparky loves the 70s the most. Growing up on a steady diet of Three’s Company and sugary cereals, Sparky’s sense of fashion/design/comedy was hatched. After working in the towering heights of NYC for MTV and Nickelodeon, Sparky sailed off to the swirling waters of Firepantsian glory in Southern California. Sparky draws the things and invents the fashion. Sparky will probably make a well-timed, witty observation such that liquids squirt out your nose. Sparky is vegan. You can also call Sparky “D.J.,” though asking Sparky to provide DJ services is not recommended.

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What can you say about Jenni Firepants? She can make anything into art and turn an empty kitchen into a hot, delicious vegan dinner for 10. As versatile as cotton, Jenni is the magically down-to-earth hippie chick you hoped but didn’t believe existed. She will hug you until your icicle heart melts into butter.

Jenni is currently the President of the Topanga Chamber of Commerce and always a knitter of magical things.

Together, Sparky and Jenni have 3 kids, a dog and a cat. They have made their home in six U.S. cities (3 of them twice) and Europe, not necessarily in that order. They are not on the lam, just adventurous.