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Sparky Firepants is an artisan, family-owned screen printing business run by D.J. and Jenni Billings.

D.J.: Years ago, I wanted to start selling my illustrations on t-shirts. I went to one of those print-on-demand sites –
Jenni: And the shirts were terrible.
D.J.: Not pretty at all. The print quality was bad and they started peeling and fading after just a few washes. All that for a $25 tee, plus shipping and taxes. Gross.
Jenni: We learned a lot from that!
D.J.: Big time. I decided to teach myself how to screen print t-shirts on my own. I started with a goofy little hobby kit and the results were 100% better just from that kit. We moved to L.A. and bought our first professional 4-color press. Now we have a new 6-color press, a few smaller ones and a giant vat full of knowledge about ink, heat, and apparel.
Jenni: We know more about cotton than normal people should, really.

Everything we print for you is done on a manual press, by hand. We handle every shirt personally, no robots or machines allowed. Our inks are non-phthalate, PVC-free, and vegan (100% cruelty-free). If that’s your thing, we got you covered.


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Some things are super important to us

Yes, we are vegan! We also work hard to protect and preserve our land and water. As part of the LGBTQ+ community, we fight for the rights of all human beings, regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, nationality, gender, or gender identity. A portion of our profits goes to organizations and businesses that support those values.


We’re a veteran-owned business. We offer a 10% discount to members of the U.S. military. That includes all veterans and active duty.