Grateful Greetings to You

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is going around being all grateful for everyday things, like underwear and spare keys. Some people even go so far as to be grateful for other people. Isn’t that astounding? I know I’m grateful for all the people who liked, retweeted, purchased, complimented and otherwise glanced at or sneezed… Continue Reading

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T-shirt Marketing 101

T-shirts are one of the best ways to get your company’s name into the world. Probably the best. Of course I would say that, I’m a t-shirt guy. If I were a billboard guy, I might tell you to plaster your marketing message on Sunset Boulevard. But I’m a t-shirt expert so I’ll stick to that.… Continue Reading

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The last time you wore a t-shirt?

Here’s a fun game we can all play (If you like games like I do). Tell me about the last time you wore a t-shirt. Or any time you wore a t-shirt that you remember well. Make it fun, tell a little story. No pressure. Seriously. I want to hear your story. It doesn’t have… Continue Reading