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How we screen print your t-shirt in multiple colors

When a design has more than one color, the colors in the design must be separated so that each can be printed individually.

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Water-based Ink Does Not Equal Earth-friendly: A Busted Myth

Sometimes you’ll find a screen printer who touts their enviro-friendliness by advertising, “We only use water-based inks!” Maybe you care about chemicals that go into our water supply, and maybe you don’t. For people who do care, this kind of claim really shouts out to you. “These are my people! They care about the Earth […]

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How to Start a T-shirt Business Without Going Crazy

These days it seems like everyone and their mother has the perfect idea for a t-shirt. If you browse Zazzle or another on-demand t-shirt site, you’ll see that some people actually do. And a lot more don’t. In fact, most people who find out we have our own t-shirt line eventually tell us, “Hey, you […]