What is screen printing?
We specialize in screen printing, or silk screening*. It’s a simple process where we push ink onto the fabric through a stencil on a mesh screen. We print each item by hand.

*silk is not used in silk screening anymore. The screens are all nylon. Our process is vegan.

How else can you decorate apparel?
We sometimes decorate items using a heat press vinyl method, what you usually see as numbers on sports jerseys.

Do you offer embroidery? Yes!

Can you print my gig poster? Yes! We can even screen print on glass.

Is there a minimum order for screen printing?
Yes, we have a general guideline for minimum quantities:

  • 1 color prints = 25+
  • 2-3 color prints = 50+
  • 4-5 color prints = 100+
  • 6 color or complex designs: ask us!

Can I give you my own t-shirts to print on?
Sure thing! They must be clean and in good condition prior to us receiving them (new is best). There may also be special requirements for certain materials, such as spandex, polyester or blended fabrics. If you’re not sure about your items, just ask! We charge a fee of $1 per item for garments you provide. Please also be aware that there can be a 5-10% loss and we are not responsible for replacing your items.

How much does screen printing cost?
Every order is custom. We work with you to get the best price possible. Check out our pricing page for details.

What is your turnaround time?
More importantly, when do you need it? We like to know your deadline up front and we do our best to accommodate you. Our typical turnaround time from receiving final artwork to completion is 7-10 business days.

Can you RUSH my order?

No. We are not a “rush” business. We take our time to get it right.

Can you match the colors in my logo?
Of course! Keep in mind that even when we mix inks to match our Pantone book, the printed color can vary depending on fabric material, weave and color density. We get as close as we can. We can do a press check for you if it’s super important to match colors.

Can you print a sample so I can see how my t-shirts will look?
We can print one-off samples for you. Samples start at $125, which is a deposit applied to your final order total (unless the design or size is changed). We can also do a press check, which is faster and less expensive. Just ask and we’ll explain the difference. 🙂

Do you keep my screens and artwork in case I need to order more later?
We do keep your artwork and films on file for later use at no extra charge. Typically we reuse the screens after an order is complete.  Otherwise we would eventually appear on an episode of Hoarders. Also, the stencils tend to break down over time and after lots of printing.

I don’t have any artwork. Can you whip something up for me?
We’re happy to create a design for you. See our Graphic Design Services.

I have my own artwork. What should I give you?
See our artwork guidelines.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards. We require a 50% deposit and balance due on completion.

I want to visit your shop. Where can I find you?
Our print studio is located in Woodland Hills, and we are happy to meet you at your place of business or elsewhere.

How do I get started with a print order?

Right here: Get started!