Live Screen Printing

Don’t just hand out swag. Give them an experience.

Your guests will talk about your event for weeks. And… they’ll also wear your swag.

We set up a silk screen press at your event and print t-shirts for your guests, on demand, while they watch. It’s artsy. It’s engaging. It keeps your guests active without extra work from you! It’s perfect for Festivals, Bar/Bat Mitvahs, Company Parties, Weddings, Family Reunions, or any big event you want to make even more memorable.

Think catering with cotton.


  • T-shirts or poster paper
  • Screens, Press, Table
  • Ink
  • Personality, charm and enchanting good looks!


  • Space (we need 100 square foot minimum)
  • Electricity (standard grounded outlet)
  • Guests!

Each event is different, and we craft the perfect levelĀ of service just for you! Call for options, rates and booking: 818-835-2585 or email sparky AT sparkyfirepants DOT com.