Logo Repair

Repair your logo!

So a few eons back you had a graphic designer create a logo for your business. It looks great on your business card and web site. Your world was skittles and unicorns.

Now you have to get a big sign or some t-shirts made, but you can’t get the original art any longer. Apparently your designer ran off to Paraguay/joined a cult/lost your files.

So you hand over your business card or email the avatar from your Facebook page. Problem solved, right?

Not necessarily. When the production people blow up that scanned biz card or web graphic, it looks pixelated and dirty. Now what?

We can save your logo.

We’ll take your logo on a scanned business card or from a web site graphic and painlessly convert it from raster (bitmap) format to vector (scalable) format. Then we’ll provide you with the files so you’ll never have to go through this process again.

You’ll have a clean and crisp logo that can scale up to virtually any size with no loss of image quality. You’ll look great and save money on future sign, product, and ad services.

Get it done once, get it done right. Save it forever. Only $39.

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