Our Promise

Deliberately Measured Turnaround

Hey, isn’t that just another way to say “slow?” Ha! But no.

Our typical turnaround time on t-shirts is 7-10 business days. It could be faster, it could be slower – it really depends on how complicated the print is and how well-prepared is the art that you send us.

What we mean by deliberately measured is that we look carefully at each shirt as we print. We don’t use automated equipment, so there’s a human handling each garment and pulling every stroke. Sure, it takes a little bit longer than the big guys. And we don’t promise same day service like some shops. We think that makes a stellar tee and a better experience for you, way after you receive your order.

No Cheap-o Shirts!

No way, no how. We’ve noticed that every time a potential customer goes to one of those places that offer $1.99 shirts, they come back to us complaining about the quality. They saved a bundle, but no one wants to wear the tees.

It seems like a tee is a tee, right? It’s just cotton, right? Nope. To to our trained eyes and hands, there’s a huge difference between bargain basement tees and high quality tees. Cheap tees tend to have a looser weave and use cotton that’s spun open-ended. That means it has a rougher feel on the body and the ink doesn’t lay down very smooth.

Ringspun cotton and a tighter weave mean super soft, stretchy comfort. Plus, the ink goes on like butter, so your print looks better.

So don’t think cheap, think value. We get you the best tees for the best price possible.

Unprecedented Customer Service

Of course we would say that. But when we say unprecedented, we mean it. It’s truly an uncommon experience working with us. Don’t listen to us, ask our clients.