Pants! Card Game


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Let’s play Pants!

Pants! is a crazy card game of trouser-collecting and wardrobe-stealing. Build your wardrobe of classy pants, sporty pants, adventure pants, or casual pants before your opponents do. But hold tight to your trousers because they can get stolen right off your legs!

The colorful, sturdy, coated cards feature the retro-funky illustrations of award-winning artist D.J. of Sparky Firepants. Comes with the cutest little instruction booklet ever.

More About the Game

What are the cards like?

There are 54 cards to a deck. They are the size of a regular deck of playing cards: 3.5″ x 2.5,” with pretty round corners. They are coated, so you can drink tasty beverages while playing (tasty beverages not included).

How many players? What ages?

This game is ideal for 2–5 players of just about any age. There’s no reading required, so it’s also not language-specific. Yay!

What’s the packaging like?

It’s a standard tuck box, like any deck of cards. It has a super cool retro-feel Pants! design on it, which other games definitely do not have. Bonus.

Is it for boys or girls?

The game is very specifically gender neutral.

Can I play this with my grandma or is it weird?

You probably have no idea how weird your grandma is, but yeah, sure, we’re guessing it’s fine.

Can I play this on the bus?

How far are you going? You ask some very strange questions.

Can my dog play this?

Wouldn’t that be so cool?


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