How Inside the Shop Screen Printing

How we screen print your t-shirt in multiple colors

Watch the video above, or if you’re pressed for time, read below!

Screen Printing Basics

Screen printing is a very old and really simple process. A stencil is made with your design on a mesh screen. When the screen is placed on a press, ink is pushed through the mesh only in the open areas of the stencil, where it sits on the t-shirt (or paper). The ink is then cured with heat so it will last through lots of washing and wearing.

Screen Printing Multiple Colors

When a design has more than one color, the colors in the design must be separated so that each can be printed individually. This is different from your desktop inkjet printer, where the colors are all mixed together inside the machine.

Once the colors are separated digitally, a screen is then made for each color. On the press, an ink color is chosen for each color in the design and printed one at a time.


You can always ask us any questions and we’ll explain anything about the screen printing process and how it affects your apparel. Drop us a line at or call 818-835-2585.